Growth Through Prospecting


The agency had expended resources in futile attempts to win new business pitches. We were invited to identify any common threads running through these losses. It became obvious that the agency was, for many reasons, entering pitches it had little chance to win.

We believed agency should be devoting its efforts to seeking out new business opportunities through a robust program of prospecting. We analyzed the agency’s strengths and weaknesses, primarily through its case studies, client experience, and channel capabilities. Through this, we worked with agency leaders to identify three high-value target categories in which the agency would have credibility and could generate interest. From there we further selected 10 target companies/brands for outreach efforts.

Before outreach began, we trained key personnel in prospecting and sales skills. We helped develop marketing
and research plans. And we set criteria for vetting inbound opportunities to ensure the agency wasn’t distracted by
pursuing RFI’s and RFP’s that provide little chance of success.


The result has been an ongoing prospecting and marketing campaign, implemented by key agency personnel — not by new business developers — which is uncovering opportunities for revenue-generating projects that grow the top line while expanding the client list.

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