Client Relationships to the Next Level

Elevate Your Key Relationships to “Trusted Advisor” Status

You have many team members – some quite senior – on your client service team.  How many of them are completely trusted by the client to always do the right thing for the client’s business, no matter how difficult or contentious?  How many of them are so deeply embedded into the client organization that clients call for their advice even in areas not handled by your organization?

The answer better be “many of them” if you want to have a profitable, growing, long-term relationship.   If the answer is “I’m not sure” or “Just the most senior person,” then you’re playing with fire.

Client Relationships to the Next Level will take everyone with frequent client contact – from the group director down to the associates – and show them what it takes to earn the trust of the client.   Client and business knowledge is a given.  Rather than focus here, the program looks at trust from the client’s perspective, and then shows the strategies and tactics required to demonstrate the right to earn it.  It shows readily applied models and skills.  There are case studies and role plays to help each individual nail the approaches quickly to put them into practice.

The result: a client that’s surprised and delighted with every single interaction.

This program is conducted over two or three days.  You’ll want the three-day version if you want to train more people.

2-Day Workshop

  • Identifying and leveraging the elements of trust
  • Understanding the real motivators of the client
  • Adapting communication styles to better connect with the client
  • Enhancing listening and questioning skills
  • Being persuasive and collaborative
  • Coaching and role-playing to ensure best use of skills
  • Limited to six participants

3-Day Workshop

  • All of the above, plus the following:
  • Negotiating equitable/favorable agreements
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Limited to eight participants


When there’s urgency around developing or strengthening an existing relationship, or achieving trusted advisor status with very senior client executives, a consulting engagement can bring immediate, measurable rewards.   We work directly on the opportunity at hand with your key individuals or teams, applying the techniques described above while adding in-depth coaching to ensure smooth execution of the relationship- or business-building strategy.   We always work against deadlines, helping you accomplish specific objectives within specified time frames.

There is also a “Plus-1” design – a full day of training for up to 16 participants, followed by 60-90 minute small group coaching sessions on subsequent days.  This gives each person the right amount of attention, practice and coaching while using their time most efficiently.

Case Studies

Consider this if...

  • You want a greater share of your client’s wallet
  • Your account people have become order takers
  • Your clients are starting to feel that not enough value is being provided from their interactions with your people
  • You want to create a competitive edge, both in the market and in competing for talent

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