Collaborate – and Love It

Help Your Teams Deliver Better Results in Less Time with More Satisfaction

The best solutions you can offer your clients and your company are the result of people with diverse backgrounds and unique areas of expertise performing together at a very high level.  But it’s not always automatic.

For teams to collaborate effectively, there has to be an agreement on shared goals, a process for working that encourages creativity and minimizes disputes, and mutual respect for the approach and experience of all individuals.   When any of these are lacking, the team struggles.  Outputs may be fine, but attitudes are tested and, sometimes, become problematic.

Collaborate – and Love It is a one-day program that creates understanding of team and collaboration dynamics, and leads to agreement on how best to work together to achieve results while maximizing the experience.  It’s best conducted for one complete team at a time, though multiple teams can be accommodated in a single workshop.

This workshop is always heavily tailored for the unique characteristics of participating teams and their organizations.  It can be conducted over one full day for up to 24 participants.  A typical program includes the following elements:

  • Team dynamics – how high-performing teams are formed
  • Working together – a DiSC-type assessment to help team members understand each others’ work styles
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Dispute resolution
  • Meeting hygiene – to ensure the team is productive when it works together
  • Team leadership
  • Team charter – team objectives and processes are developed in the workshop (usually covered in a “plus-1” design)

The “Plus-1” design allows teams to return on an additional day for 1.5-2 hours to create or review the team charter with the WCG coach.  This results in stronger, more actionable charters and real, immediate behavior change.

Consider this if...

  • Teams are struggling to deliver outstanding results
  • Team-intensive projects are taking longer than they should
  • New teams have been created
  • Requirements for team deliverables have changed dramatically

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