Lead Like You Mean It

Bring Inspiring Leadership Behaviors to Your Company

Nothing is discussed more in today’s business press than the make-or-break importance of strong leadership.  And nothing seems harder to find.

Companies often confuse leading with managing.  Senior people who supervise large groups have to be good managers.  But their roles don’t automatically make them leaders.  And more junior people, with few or no direct reports, can possess the leadership traits that drive success yet have little chance to use them.

Using proven techniques for understanding and assessing leadership (and management) behaviors, this program will identify the characteristics that exist and are lacking.  It will coach your key people at all levels in how to put more leadership behaviors into practice.  They will be comfortable and confident in leading versus managing.  They will have a vision, be able to express it, and persuade others to help fulfill it.  Their individual goals – and your company goals – will be met more quickly, with greater enthusiasm, and with more opportunities for additional growth.

Lead Like You Mean It is provided in several configurations to make sure you get a fully tailored solution that achieves results in the most efficient way possible.  A pre-workshop assessment, usually 360, is highly recommended in all cases.

You’ll want the two-day version if you want to include individual coaching.

1-Day Workshop

  • The principles of Leadership vs. Management
  • Establishing leadership priorities – spend the right amount of time actually leading
  • Understanding your 360
  • Articulating the vision and mission of your organization and your team
  • Communicating persuasively with your team
  • For up to 16 participants

2-Day Workshop

  • All of the above
  • Supervising people to achieve growth
  • Providing feedback
  • Role playing and coaching to help each individual execute their leadership strategies
  • Limited to six participants

There is also a “Plus-1” design – a full day of training for up to 16 participants, followed by 60-90 minute small group coaching sessions on subsequent days.  This gives each person the right amount of attention, practice and coaching while using their time most efficiently.


These solutions are often best provided through 1-on-1 coaching.  In this safe environment, away from the influence or distraction of peers, senior leaders receive customized coaching that precisely addresses their needs.  This coaching is fully consistent with the culture and expectations of the organization.  It’s an excellent way to grow that culture through the ranks of the company or, where needed, begin to change the culture, one exec at a time.  Coaching is not open-ended in objectives or timing.  Instead, we agree on outcomes and timeframes, and work toward accomplishing specific objectives.

Case Studies

Consider this if...

  • Your top tiers are competent at their jobs, but aren’t inspiring performance from those below
  • You need to chart a new course for the organization
  • There’s a new leadership team in place and they have to get on the same page ASAP
  • You haven’t been able to nail down your culture, or instill it within the organization

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