Leading People for Growth

Bringing Out the Best in Your People So You Can Perform at Your Best

All managers in agencies and professional services firm need to embrace the responsibilities that go with supervising their people. Many are not really prepared for this when first promoted. And there are plenty of senior managers and business leaders who have developed bad management behaviors — or at least behaviors that fail to promote rapid growth among their people.

Leading People for Growth provides immediate help.

The program, which is fully tailored to your structure and culture, offers strategies and tactics that can be implemented immediately to help your managers and leaders get more from their teams. At the same time, their team members learn faster, grow faster, and realize more job satisfaction.  They like working for their bosses and they like working for your company.

At the core of the program are the critical skills of listening, questioning, motivating and persuading. Managers learn (or fine-tune) their abilities to understand what drives the performance of their people. They can then apply different approaches to stimulate growth, resolve problems, and lead teams.

There are two versions of the workshop. You’ll want the longer version if you want to provide coaching for your managers.

1-Day Workshop

  • Understanding what really motivates people in the workplace
  • Diagnosing the developmental needs of team members and solving accordingly
  • Coaching employees for better performance and quicker learning
  • Using feedback as a powerful development tool
  • Handling difficult situations – and people
  • For up to 20 participants

2-Day Workshop

  • All elements of the 1-Day Workshop, plus role-playing and coaching to ensure accurate and authentic use of concepts provided
  • Coaching is woven throughout the two days of training
  • For a maximum of 8 participants

There is also a “Plus-1” design – a full day of training for up to 20 participants, followed by 60-90 minute small group coaching sessions on subsequent days.  This gives each person the right amount of attention, practice and coaching while using their time most efficiently.

Case Studies

Consider this if...

  • You want to accelerate the development of your people
  • You have managers, whether at the top or the bottom, who lack management skills
  • Your people are challenged to deliver billable hours with little time for “managing”
  • You want to hire better talent
  • You want to retain your best people

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