Persuading the Senior Executive

Making the Sale at the Highest Levels of the Organization

When senior execs sell to other senior execs, expectations are much greater and barriers are  much higher.  The buyer expects a quick, high-value interaction with someone who really gets it.  There’s less tolerance for wasted time and more focus on what’s in it for me and/or my organization.

You know what your agency, service or product does.  And so do the people you work with day-to-day.  The C-Level executive isn’t necessarily going to see the problems or the same benefits.  Do your senior people who sell at this level know how to adjust?

Persuading the Senior Executive is a thoroughly customized program designed to help your people better connect their solutions with the real issues facing senior-level buyers and C-Suite executives. For sellers to operate effectively at this level, they must be able to quickly build rapport, get to the heart of the matter from the perspective of the buyer, and position their expertise and solutions in ways that persuade a unique buying mentality.  Persuading the Senior Executive can make this happen.

This is a one-day solution that runs best with a small group (4-8 people) but can be tailored to accommodate up to 16 or even more for a conference setting.  It provides solid and contemporary approaches to selling while folding in specific examples, cases, and simulations from your own organization.

Here are the core elements of the program:

  • Understanding the buyer’s motivations and approaches to decision-making
  • Customizing your proposal, solution, and value proposition for the buyer
  • Storytelling techniques that provide a laser focus on key issues and opportunities
  • Building rapport and trust at the C Level
  • Case studies and/or buying scenario simulations

There is a two-day version of the program which allows for in-depth development of sales strategy and/or individual buyer conversation tactics based on specific targets.  And there’s a “Plus 1” design that adds 1.5 to 2 hours of small group or individual coaching to either the one-day or two-day design.  This coaching can be a great way of problem-solving for specific sales opportunities.


Consider this if...

  • Your growth is dependent on selling at higher levels of the organization.
  • Your senior people are brilliant at their crafts but less so at selling.
  • You compete in a category where differentiation is achieved as much through relationships as through products or processes.
  • You’ve relaunched, restructured or developed new services.

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