Presentation Authenticity

Presentation Skills for Leaders and Sales Professionals

Sell Your Vision – Show Your Passion – Move Your Audience

Most executives who have been through presentation skills training look like they’ve been through presentation skills training.  This may be OK for junior and mid levels, where a lack of fundamentals can lead to poor results.

For senior leaders and high-stakes sales professionals, cookie-cutter presentations mean a lack of authenticity.  And a lack of authenticity means a lack of persuasion, and more critically a lack of leadership in the firm and in the market.

Presentation Authenticity is a novel approach that looks first for the truth within the message and then for the truth within the messenger.  The result is a persuasive presentation, delivered by an authentic leader with a keen vision and deep understanding of what it will take to get there.

Our program covers the essentials for authenticity, leadership messaging, presenting, and speechmaking.

  • Identifying and articulating the core vision
  • Matching the key elements of your idea or product to the real needs of the decision-makers
  • Winning over the audience in the first 10 minutes
  • Using storytelling techniques to engage and persuade
  • Using visual aids in a truly minimalist manner
  • Delivering messages authentically, briefly, and passionately

Participants do not end up looking like each other.  They look like the real versions of themselves – people that others want to hear and want to follow.

This training is fully customized for each Wiesner Consulting Group client.  It can be delivered to small groups of senior executives over one, two or three days, with heavy reliance on practice and video recording.  Each participant works from her own materials, and by the end of the program will have fashioned the elements of an effective presentation and will be able to deliver it more engagingly and persuasively than was thought possible.

Training is also provided through 1-on-1 coaching.  Sessions are fully tailored to the needs and style of the client, and outcomes are reliably achieved in minimal time.

Case Studies

Consider this if...

  • You have critical communications to present
  • You’re not closing enough deals
  • Your teams are not sufficiently aligned with your vision
  • You’re technically competent as a presenter but the emotional connection is missing
  • You need to lead, not just inform
  • You’ve moved up to a new position of authority

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