Selling the Big Idea

Sell Your Biggest Ideas in Less Time and with Fewer Revisions

The last time a great idea of yours was shot down, was it because the idea really wasn’t so great? Or was it because the audience couldn’t see its greatness?

Maybe you don’t need better ideas. Maybe you need to sell them better.

Selling the Big Idea requires a very different approach than the typical business presentation. Big Ideas are conceptual. They’re easier for the seller to imagine than for the buyer to envision. They’re impacted by matters of taste. They’re highly subjective. They evoke passionate devotion and emotional responses. Or at least they should.

This workshop provides the tools and techniques that allow you to sell the ideas you want to produce with fewer obstacles and fewer revisions.

Selling the Big Idea looks at how to showcase creativity and innovation so the audience/buyer focuses on what’s really compelling, not just on what’s really new. It leverages the buyer’s own communication style and motivators to ensure that connections are made and excitement is generated.

And it raises the game of presenters to levels well beyond traditional presentation skills.

There are two versions of the workshop. You’ll want the two-day version if you want to include presentation coaching.

1-Day Workshop

  • Understanding the decision-maker; positioning the Big Idea to reflect what really matters to him/her
  • Focusing on the Big Idea – using tips from Hollywood to pitch the concept
  • Storytelling that makes the Big Idea real and compelling
  • Creating a flow for concise and impactful meetings
  • Painting “word pictures” to present more vividly and persuasively
  • Handling client objections
  • Up to 20 participants per program

2-Day Workshop

  • All of the above, plus substantial presentation coaching woven throughout the two days
  • Aimed at improving the ability of presenters to persuasively, authentically, and emotionally communicate the Big Idea
  • Limited to six participants

There is also a “Plus-1” design – a full day of training for up to 24 participants, followed by 1.5-2 hour small group coaching sessions on subsequent days.  This gives each person the right amount of attention, practice and coaching while using their time most efficiently.

Case Studies

Consider this if...

  • You have brilliant creatives who aren’t brilliant presenters
  • You’ve had great ideas but selling them has been way too hard
  • Your creative presentations get sidetracked by arguments over tactics
  • Your account managers and strategists aren’t persuasive enough in support of your big ideas

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