Tough Conversations Made Less Tough

Help Your Managers Get to the Point without Straining Relationships

There isn’t an organization on the planet that hasn’t seen its managers, client service, or business development personnel struggle with tough conversations.  Research is irrefutable that companies which handle these conversations well are more successful by just about every relevant measure.  So, just how well do your people do when the going gets rough?

Tough Conversations Made Less Tough is a one-day workshop that provides proven techniques for planning and conducting tough conversations, whether with direct reports, team members, clients or even bosses.  It can accommodate up to 24 people, and relies heavily on role-playing and real-life examples.  Participants will work with their own tough cases, with the opportunity to work through and practice effective approaches.

Here’s what a typical workshop would include:

  • The science behind the tough conversation – why do we sometimes attack or retreat?
  • Planning the conversation
  • A template for conducting the conversation
  • Anticipating, pre-empting and handling difficult responses
  • Follow-up that ensures learning and change

A “Plus-1” design for the workshop allows for real improvement.  In this design, there is a full-day workshop followed by individual or small group coaching sessions on a second day.  Each coaching session would run for 60-90 minutes.  It’s an efficient use of time that leads to powerful results.

Consider this if...

  • Your people struggle with tough conversations
  • There are change initiatives anticipated or ongoing that will be met with some resistance
  • You have new hires or newly promoted managers
  • There have been significant changes on the client side

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