Winning in the Room

Pitch and Pursuit Support for Agencies and Professional Services

When in formal pursuit of a new business target, agencies and professional services firms devote much of their energy toward developing the right solution at the right price.  But they often overlook two elements that usually make the difference between winning and losing: Have they figured out the right way to sell the solution, and will they perform in the pitch room as a team that the client wants to do business with?


I can work closely with individuals responsible for new business pitching to dramatically transform the way they pitch.  The result will be pitches that are tighter and more cohesive, and teams that are engaging and compelling.

Workshops are completely tailored to the objectives and marketing conditions of my client, so your solution may differ in content and flow from the generic workshops described below.

You’ll want the 2-day version if you want to include a discussion on credentials/capabilities presentations and marketing your firm.  Go for the 3-day workshop if you want to include presentation coaching.

1-Day Workshop

  • Building a concise pitch that focuses the prospect on the real reasons to award you the business
  • Using visuals, including PowerPoint (the single most abused element of pitch presentations)
  • Planning and implementing room theater and pitch tactics

2-Day Workshop

  • All elements of the 1-day program, plus
    • Team roles and timelines in building the pitch
    • Credentials and capabilities presentations
    • Handling Q&A

3-Day Workshop

  • All elements of the 2-day program plus extensive presentation coaching across all three days
  • Designed for eight participants


You should seriously consider a consulting solution if you are about to begin development of a pitch that you absolutely must win, especially if you are coming off a losing streak or using a team that’s new to pitching.

As a pitch consultant, I work shoulder-to-shoulder with the pursuit team leaders as they and their teams build the content for the upcoming pitch.   I guide the team through effective processes that

  • provides a thorough understanding of the prospect decision-makers
  • creates a tight pitch flow that quickly persuades the prospect
  • incorporates stories to engage and sell
  • uses visuals that improve, not replace, communication

I will then coach each presenter and the entire team to be outstanding on their feet in the boardroom.  Rehearsal time will be optimized.

Pitches will be more concise, more interactive, and more focused on what the client really needs and on how the solution meets those needs.  The prospect will be engaged throughout, and the pitch team will wow them.

Case Studies

Consider this if...

  • You’re sick and tired of finishing second
  • There’s a big pitch on the horizon and you  just have to win
  • You’ve changed your positioning or your offering, and it needs to click with the prospect
  • Teams perform inconsistently – some win often, some don’t
  • It often seems like you’re stuffing 10 lbs of content into a 2-lb bag

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