Defending a Critical Account

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The agency was close to losing one of its largest and most important clients. The selection of the new agency would be
made by a committee. Though the committee had diverse interests, our analysis of each member revealed some potentially significant common motivators. We focused on those members who were favorable toward the agency or undecided. This led us to critical insights that drove the entire approach to the pitch.

The agency took bold steps to convince the client it had made important changes. New pitch tactics were adopted, including an innovative use of visual aids. Traditional PowerPoint slides were replaced by larger-than-life images. Team members were given new, unusual roles for the pitch. Even the venue was changed and decorated. Individuals and the team rehearsed intensely.


The result was summed up by a committee member: “You were going to lose until we saw your pitch. Now you’re the front-runner.” The agency won and retained the client.

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