Redefining Positioning and Relaunching the Shop

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The renowned global ad agency had experienced several setbacks. Internal and external surveys indicated that the confidence of both employees and clients had significantly dropped. A new management team was installed, with half coming from outside the agency.

The new team needed a fast and powerful solution to bring to its own people and to the market. We were asked to facilitate a series of off-site meetings. The team was brought together and taken through a process of identifying a new agency positioning…new roles for each leader…individual
and team accountability plans and deliverables…and internal communication and marketing plans. Insights were shared from other agencies and industries to provide benchmarks and catalysts for idea generation. Though there were strong personalities in the room from diverse cultures, we struck a critical balance of appealing to egos while maintaining focus on outcomes.


The agency has been able to attract the interest of several high-profile clients, bring new & exciting talent to the shop, and create a new, client-centric internal structure, including new incentive mechanisms. Importantly, leadership has maintained its commitment to the objectives and strategies from the off-site, even in the face of unexpected obstacles.

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