Setting a New Direction for the Business

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A marketing communications shop had carved out a strong niche in a specific industry and offered a unique solution. Both advantages were weakening. The competition now had comparable offerings, and the agency was struggling to capture the attention of other industry sectors. As a result, the agency’s corporate parent was putting intense pressure on agency leadership to quickly turn things around.

We facilitated a planning process with the leadership team to develop a new direction for the agency, and a presentation to corporate leadership that would sell this idea. The facilitated process helped create a new positioning and helped to expand its product offerings. We significantly reduced the number of visuals and removed PowerPoint from the presentation. The leadership presentation was shorter, focused, and a bit provocative.


The agency succeeded in earning the right to pursue an aggressive new strategy, and captured the funding needed to see it through. It’s now poised to take a leading role in new business efforts within the corporation, a unique opportunity for an agency of this particular size in this particular space.

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