Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Bringing Out the Best in Your People
So You Can Perform at Your Best

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A one-day program for up to 20 people, typically targeting more senior managers and leaders. It will help evolve their focus from managing to inspiring. The program will cover:

  • Setting purpose or vision to inspire the agency and your direct reports.
  • Mindset – how to identify Growth vs. Fixed mindsets; how to guide the team to a sustained Growth mindset, even under difficult circumstances.
  • Collaboration – leading collaborative, high-performing, and enthusiastic teams.
  • Coaching – being a true mentor to key individuals.

There will be in-depth discussions, case studies, and practice opportunities.

A powerful program combines the agendas of Managing for High Performance and Inspirational Leadership. The result is an intense, high-energy, two-day program for up to 20 people at any level of management or senior leadership.

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