Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Create a generation of leaders who can truly inspire the entire organization

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In many professional services firms, leaders get to the top because they’re outstanding at their craft.  And along the way, they may have demonstrated strong management skills.

But now, as leaders, much more is expected.  The entire organization is looking to its leaders for ideas, vision, growth, inspiration.  A strong, guiding hand to help everyone achieve something important, something remarkable.

As urgent as this approach is, it’s often overlooked.

Inspirational Leadership can help.  It can show your top people the difference between leadership and management behaviors, how to set priorities that energize themselves and their people, and how to lead “from in front.” That is, be visible and be admired.

Inspirational Leadership is a one-day program for up to 20 people, typically targeting more senior managers and leaders. It will help evolve their focus from managing to inspiring. The program will cover:

  • Setting purpose or vision to inspire the agency and your direct reports.
  • Mindset – how to identify Growth vs. Fixed mindsets; how to guide the team to a sustained Growth mindset, even under difficult circumstances.
  • Collaboration – leading collaborative, high-performing, and enthusiastic teams.
  • Coaching – being a true mentor to key individuals.

There will be in-depth discussions, case studies, and practice opportunities.

Looking for a comprehensive leadership/management solution? Consider a powerful program that combines the agendas of Managing for High Performance and Inspirational Leadership. The result is an intense, high-energy, two-day workshop for up to 20 people at any level of management or senior leadership.

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