Strategic Planning Workshop

Strategic Planning Workshop

Reboot Strategic Revenue Initiatives for
Meaningful, Sustainable Revenue Growth

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When faced with business results that are not meeting expectations, a revision or reboot of strategic revenue initiatives might be necessary. The entire leadership team will go through a tailored process that will lead to innovative and viable options for meaningful, sustainable revenue growth. The process usually includes:

The process usually includes:• An objective assessment of real strengths and assets

  • An objective assessment of real strengths and assets
  • Marketing and sales positionings that create relevancy and demand
  • Goals and objectives
  • Best practices for reaching those goals based on relevant benchmarks
  • Critical decisions that will drive activities
  • Action plans, deliverables, and accountability for the leadership teamA strategic planning workshop usually

A strategic planning workshop usually take two days. Shorter and longer designs can be
recommended based on need, budget and timing.

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