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  • Leaders must be able to articulate the vision and sell it to the company.  And I mean sell.
  • So leaders must be great storytellers.  It works for winning the hearts and minds of prospects and investors.  And it works for winning the hearts and minds of teams and employees.
  • Motivation is pushing from behind.  Inspiration is pulling from in front.  Companies routinely lack inspirational leaders.  They rely on programs to inspire, when the best those programs (incentive comp, internal recognition, training) can do is temporarily motivate.
  • One primary reason that people leave your company is because they don’t want to do what they see their boss or boss’s boss doing.  You need to know that and to fix that.
  • So inspiration often comes from people seeing their leaders doing things and then saying, “Jeez, what she’s doing is awesome.  I want to be able to do what she does.”
  • Context rules.  Your people want to know why they’re being asked to do things.
  • Long-term employee engagement is now the result of short-term employee projects.  The “long-haul” means something different, and much shorter, than it used to.
  • Recognition, learning and joy (as a former employer liked to say) is truly important in retaining talent.  But few companies really know what creates these outcomes for their people, and fewer still choose to act aggressively on these fronts.  You must.

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