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  • It’s not enough for your company’s leaders to adopt new objectives or strategies.  They need to execute with new tactics, activities, behaviors.
  • And if they don’t know how to act differently, they must be shown through coaching and feedback, and be held accountable for change.
  • Most training is an absolute waste of money.  That’s because most training is rarely accompanied by the necessary follow-up, assessment, monitoring, training of bosses, providing strategic context, providing personal growth context, etc.
  • Feedback is given everyday, but only for observable behaviors and after significant events.
  • When feedback hasn’t been preceded by goal-setting, the chances of it sticking are reduced.
  • Finding the right people isn’t particularly hard, but companies often don’t have the right mechanisms in place.  Interviewing well, choosing wisely, then selling them on the benefits of coming to work for you is where it’s at.
  • Most companies have way too many titles, and salary bands that are way too narrow.  People clamor for promotion because that’s the only way they see to make more money.  But that promotion often doesn’t lead to changes in responsibility or to professional growth.  Fewer titles, wider salary bands, and meaningful promotions are the way to go.

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