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  • Prospecting is not a numbers game.  You need fewer prospects who are well-qualified according to logical criteria. With fewer prospects you can do a more outstanding job of researching, developing relationships, finding weaknesses, establishing trust, accelerating the close.
  • The tighter your positioning in the market, the more qualified prospects you will have.  Offering something for everyone risks being perceived as an expert to no one.
  • The reason you go to a prospecting meeting is to come back with a chance to perform a revenue-generating project.  Simply coming back with a stronger relationship or a promise for another meeting isn’t enough.  Don’t let your prospectors routinely settle for these outcomes.
  • If a pitch is inevitable, use your planning meetings with the client to make yourself the heavy favorite.
  • Think seriously about passing on the pitch if you realize you’re not the favorite to win, even if you’re the incumbent.
  • The competitor who is the better storyteller will usually win.
  • A good solution, wrapped in an excellent story, gives you a better chance of winning a pitch than does a great solution wrapped in a meh story.
  • If you want to grow your current client relationships, act as if the account is up for review once a year.  What would you do if this was true?  What would you do if you were a competitor out to grab the account?

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