Strengthening Client Relationships

Strengthening Client Relationships

Elevate Your Key Relationships
to "Trusted Advisor" Status

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You have many team members on your client service team.  How many of them are completely trusted by the client to always do the right thing for the client’s business, no matter how difficult or contentious?  How many of them are so deeply embedded into the client organization that clients call for their advice even in areas not handled by your organization?

The answer better be “many of them” if you want to have a profitable, growing, long-term relationship.   If the answer is “I’m not sure” or “Just the most senior person,” then you’re playing with fire.

Strengthening Client Relationships is a one-day or two-day program for anyone who has frequent client contact, especially critical for those who own client relationships. The program will cover the following:

  • What clients truly value from their partners and providers.
  • Relationship planning, including account strategies and meeting tactics.
  • The elements of trust, and how to build and maintain trustworthiness.
  • Understanding client decision-making.
  • The principles of persuasion.
  • Listening and questioning skills.
  • Handling questions and overcoming objections.
  • Client meeting simulations.

The one-day program is largely a download of key principles with practice. Larger groups (up to 20) can be accommodated. The two-day program incorporates more practice and meeting simulations. It’s best with smaller groups of up to 12.

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