Selling the Big Idea

Selling the Big Idea

Sell Your Biggest Ideas in Less Time
and with Fewer Revisions

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The last time a great idea of yours was shot down, was it because the idea really wasn’t so great? Or was it because the audience couldn’t see its greatness?

Maybe you don’t need better ideas. Maybe you need to sell them better.

Selling the Big Idea requires a very different approach than the typical business presentation. Big Ideas are conceptual. They’re easier for the seller to imagine than for the buyer to envision. They’re impacted by matters of taste. They’re highly subjective. They evoke passionate devotion and emotional responses. Or at least they should.

This workshop provides the tools and techniques that allow you to sell the ideas you want to produce with fewer obstacles and fewer revisions.

A one-day program for up to 20 people. The program targets those in creative areas who bring big ideas to stakeholders. It’s also appropriate for sales, strategic planners and account managers who participate in presenting creative ideas. The program will cover the following:

  • How stakeholders really make decisions about creative work.
  • Understanding stakeholder motivations and communication styles.
  • Telling the story of the big idea.
  • Presenting creative tactics that keep the focus on the big idea.
  • Handling objections.

This is not a presentation skills program, so it can sit comfortably adjacent to any presentation skills training the organization is now conducting. Participants will develop the “story” for their own creative work. They will also practice techniques in sales meeting simulations.

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