Selling to the C-Suite

Selling to the C-Suite

Making the Sale at the Highest
Levels of the Organization

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When senior execs sell to other senior execs, expectations are greater and barriers higher.  The buyer expects a quick, high-value interaction with someone who really gets it.

You know what your agency, service or product does.  And so do the people you work with day-to-day.  The C-Level executive isn’t necessarily going to see the problems or the same benefits.  Do your senior people who sell at this level know how to adjust?

Selling to the C-Suite is a one-day or two-day programs targeting the strategies and tactics that are required to effectively sell to the prospect’s most senior executives. Those executives can have very different objectives than division or line management decision-makers. The program is appropriate for anyone who sells to this level of leadership or supports that sale. The program contains many of the areas of The Insight Sale, within the context of all that’s unique about the C-Level interaction, including:

  • What really matters to the C-Suite.
  • Bringing value to every interaction.
  • Being brief, confident and assertive.
  • The Insight Sale: Defining and identifying insights that will challenge the
    stakeholders’ understanding of the issue, and change the conversation to one that is
    favorable to the influencer.
  • Influence and persuasion techniques.
  • Leading the conversation without sacrificing flexibility and adaptability to respond to cues from the C-level executive.
  • Handling objections.
  • Closing the sale.

The one-day program is largely a download of key principles with some practice. Larger groups (up to 16) can be accommodated. The two-day program incorporates more practice and individual coaching, and is best run with smaller (up to 8) groups.

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