Win More New Business

Win More New Business

A high new business win rate is imperative for every agency leader and new business team.

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Why haven’t your results met your expectations? No doubt you have a good feel for the problem.  It’s the solution that’s been evasive.

For nearly 20 years, Wiesner Consulting Group has helped agencies win more new business.  Most solutions are quick to implement, highly customized, and laser-focused on the specific problem.  Here are some examples:

You’re getting into the finals but not converting:  

  • Workshops that identify what decision makers really look for, and how to turn that into a concise, exciting, persuasive pitch.
  • Workshops that improve team chemistry; turn 10 pounds of pitch content into five pounds of persuasion; and turn good presenters into compelling storytellers.
  • Consulting on actual pitches.  Working with the pitch team in real time to craft content, shape stories, plan pitch tactics, and improve presentation delivery.

You aren’t getting into the finals often enough:

  • Workshops that upgrade the way your people sell.  Building relationships with prospects in make-or-break meetings is just not the same as it is with your current clients.
  • Consulting engagements to diagnose and fix weaknesses in your credentials presentation.

You aren’t getting into enough pitches:

  • Consulting engagements to reconsider and adjust your positioning, your outbound sales and marketing efforts, your website communication.
  • Workshops to improve the networking approach of your key people.

Wiesner Consulting Group clients have included network agencies within Omnicom, WPP, IPG, Publicis, plus several major independents.  Bob Wiesner has also worked with management consulting firms, audit firms, law firms, investment banks, IT companies, and various consumer goods companies.  He understands pitching and business development from both the sellers’ and buyers’ sides of the table.  You get an efficient, tailored solution based on real-world-tested principles, that sticks long after the workshop or engagement.

Call or email for a no-cost consultation.  Let’s see how one of our solutions can help you break through your pitch win rate barrier.

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