Winning in the Room

Winning in the Room

Pitch and Pursuit Support for
Agencies and Professional Services

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When in pursuit of a new business target, agencies and professional services firms devote much of their energy toward developing the right solution at the right price.  But they often overlook two elements that usually make the difference between winning and losing: Have they figured out the right way to sell the solution, and will they perform in the pitch room as a team that the client wants to do business with?

One-day or two-day programs focused on creating memorable, persuasive presentations and pitches, and delivering them with confidence. It’s appropriate for anyone who delivers high stakes presentations. It’s especially applicable for new business pitch teams. The program covers:

  • How clients and prospects really make decisions.
  • Tailoring the message to key decision-makers.
  • Storytelling techniques.
  • Getting the most value from the fewest visual aids.
  • Principles of persuasion.
  • Handling questions and overcoming objections.
  • Delivery skills development.
  • Presentation coaching.

The one-day program is largely a download of key principles with practice. Larger groups (up to 12) can be accommodated. The two-day program incorporates more practice and individual coaching, and is best run with smaller (up to 8) groups.

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