Is Discretionary Energy a Key to Your Business Success?

Bob Wiesner | March 6, 2017

Leaders and team members regularly enlist the help of colleagues.  Or should I say expect the help of colleagues.  Yet often, they don't get the support they anticipated.This will lead to common complaints: The other guy isn't pulling their weight. …

If You’re a Manager Someone is Always Watching

Bob Wiesner | April 16, 2016

Few would dispute the idea that we have less and less direct contact with those with whom we work.  That covers our clients, our direct reports, our team members, and our bosses.  This has ramifications galore.One important result is that …

One Thing a Leader Never Forgets

Bob Wiesner | July 6, 2015

There's an irrefutable - and potentially depressing -- truth about being a leader: You're always being watched. By your bosses, your clients and your direct reports.  You're never not being observed, scrutinized, perhaps even judged.  Every conversation, email, glance or …

Maybe the Single Biggest Mistake in Giving Feedback?

Bob Wiesner | June 26, 2012

Very interesting read from HBR a little while ago on leadership behavior, feedback and assessment.  The essence of the article:  Leaders know they should model the behaviors they want from their people, yet don't think they actually need to.  "I'm …

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