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Increase the effectiveness of leaders and teams

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  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Revenue Generation and Relationship Building
  • Pitching and Business Development
  • Organizational Development and Effectiveness

Increase the effectiveness of leaders and teams to define, articulate and sell the vision.

Increase the effectiveness of client service teams to build relationships and sell big ideas.

Improve the performance of sales and business development teams.

Pitch and win more new business.

Attract, retain and grow talent that helps grow your business

Lots of leaders have great ideas, but they’re not able to sell them.  Many sales and pitch teams have great solutions, but they too are not able to sell them.

How often have you struggled to gain performance from your team when you know your strategy will lead to success?  How many times have you lost a new business pitch and then seen your competitor win with a clearly inferior idea?

Do you lead a company that ought to be attracting and retaining top talent, but struggles to do one or the other (or maybe both)?

It’s often poor positioning and persuasiveness that leads to these poor results and frustration.

That’s where I come in. I believe in the power of persuasion, and I want my companies, their leaders and their sales teams to be experts in it.  Persuasion is the catalyst of performance. It links strategy to execution. It connects sellers and buyers, candidates and companies, employees and employer vision. It drives revenue.

Here are just a few of the consulting, coaching and training solutions I offer:

  • Leadership and management training
  • Training programs in “selling the big idea”
  • Consulting with pitch teams in real-time on major new business pursuits
  • Consulting with sales and business leaders on revenue strategies
  • Training in client relationship development and sales techniques
  • Consulting in the development and execution HR and OD programs
  • Executive coaching in critical performance-related areas

I help business leaders develop and execute talent acquisition and management plans.  In many companies, existing plans are not as effective as they should be.  Sometimes it’s a matter of execution and follow-through.  More often, plans are built without full alignment with the company’s position in the market and its real requirements for talent performance and growth.  With my blend of marketing, sales, and human resources experience, I can help your company understand how to translate its business objectives, mission and values into a solid recruiting strategy; execute all phases of that strategy to attract and obtain top talent; then create and implement programs to retain and grow those individuals.

See Solutions for more information.  Or you can contact me.


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