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The best solutions you can offer are the result of people with diverse backgrounds and unique areas of expertise performing together at a very high level.  But it’s not always automatic.

For teams to collaborate effectively, there has to be an agreement on shared goals, a process for working that encourages creativity and minimizes disputes, and mutual respect for the approach and experience of all individuals.   When any of these are lacking, the team struggles.  Outputs may be fine, but attitudes are tested and, sometimes, become problematic.

A half-day program for anyone in the organization who works on collaborative teams. The program is especially appropriate for those who lead such teams. Up to 20 can attend. The program will cover the following:

  • Understanding the core components – and benefits – of collaboration. (Collaboration isn’t always the best way to work, but when it’s right, it yields superior results.)
  • Team dynamics – a diagnostic tool for planning the collaborative project and monitoring its effectiveness.
  • Collaboration best practices.
  • Meeting management.
  • Anticipating and removing obstacles to collaboration.

Participants will discuss practical solutions that would work for their unique teams.


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