Conflict Resolution with Less Conflict

Conflict Resolution with Less Conflict

Help Your Managers Get to the Point without Straining Relationships

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Organizations and teams that are willing to have difficult conversations generate better results.  People develop faster.  Teams turn out better solutions. People feel like they’re in the right job doing the right things. Or they know how to make things better.

So why do so many organizations suffer from a reluctance to have difficult conversations?

And why do so many conversations – difficult or not – turn into conflict?

Conflict Resolution with Less Conflict addresses these issues head on with the purpose of understanding and adopting better behaviors to pre-empt conflict and make difficult conversations easier to have. Skip “the amygdala hijack” that turns so many meetings in fight-or-flight scenarios.  Instead your people will be able to discuss almost any issue with less hesitation and more clarity.

Stronger relationships and better outcomes will be the result.

Conflict Resolution with Less Conflict is a one-day program for up to 20 people, focusing on anyone who must work across functions or with clients. The program will cover difficult conversations and situations through the following:

  • Understanding how disagreement turns into conflict.
  • Planning the effective “difficult” conversation.
  • Reaching firm agreements that maintain or enhance relationships.
  • Handling unexpected or extreme reactions.
  • The hidden dangers of unconscious bias.
  • Simulations of difficult conversations.

The workshop covers areas of potential conflict within teams, across functions, and with clients and partner organizations. Participants will uncover opportunities for creating and maintaining the strongest possible relationships.

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