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Collaborate Your Way to Better Creative Solutions

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Your agency is responsible for generating creative concepts and tactics based on agreed strategies and briefs.  When things work well, you’ll be excited by their recommendations.

Of course, it doesn’t always work this way.

How well do you give your thoughts, your feedback to the agency team?  Do you get resistance? Defensiveness?  Is the next round of creative what you’ve been hoping for, or are there still issues to resolve?

Perhaps they don’t listen well.  Perhaps they’re being stubborn. 

Or perhaps you’re not expressing yourself as clearly as you can – or not giving them a chance to explain their thinking – or both.

The truth is this: Talented creatives take great pride in their work. Concepts and tactics, to many, are more than just “products” or “solutions.”  And judging them, no matter your intentions, will always have a large measure of subjectivity attached. This combination from both sides of the table is a recipe for miscommunication, wasted time, and wasted money.

Discussing Creative will uncover potential issues, and set you on a course for better work from your agencies through clearer communication and stronger relationships.

This workshop provides the tools and techniques that allow you to give the agency the kind of feedback that it will appreciate, allowing open and helpful discussion. Agency and client will come away with the same understanding of what changes, if any, need to be made, with greater confidence that an outstanding creative solution will be the outcome.  Emotions are positive.  Relationships grow.

Each Discussing Creative workshop is fully customized to the objectives, timing, and budget of the organization.  It uses your creative challenges as the basis for learning, practice and feedback.  Here are the areas typically covered:

  • The creative brief – ensuring it’s the best possible direction for the agency.
  • Connecting the creative recommendation to decision-making criteria.
  • Techniques for giving effective feedback to the agency.
  • Facilitating positive, open conversation around creative disagreements.
  • Reaching agreement.
  • Handling strong personalities and difficult agency partners.

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