Managing Perceptions

Managing Perceptions

Know the Value You Bring to Your Agency and to Your Clients

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Here are some serious questions we’d like every individual contributor to consider:

  • Do you really get credit for the value you bring to your job, your team, your company your clients?
  • Does your job allow you to bring your best to work everyday? 
  • Is your career progressing in the way you’d most like it to?

And how about these for leaders:

  • Are your people seen by their teams and their clients as critical, irreplaceable resources or as commodities?
  • Are your people building your brand or just performing jobs?
  • Are you getting full value from your most important hires at any level of the organization?

Your people are might be fine. They’re just not perceived that way.

Managing Perceptions is a six-hour program that will put your people in the best position to be successful, energized, and admired.  They’ll understand their own value propositions, how they fit with the culture of your organization, and how they can bring more value to the job everyday while feeling more satisfied with the work they’re doing and the people they’re doing it with.

It’s a one-day program for up to 20 people, typically younger employees. The program will cover the following:

  • The importance of managing perceptions – how to be authentic while making necessary adjustments.
  • The personal brand value proposition – creating, marketing and sustaining your personal brand.
  • The “eight observable behaviors” which quickly add up to perceptions of “warmth” (per Amy Cuddy), trustworthiness, and likability.
  • Communication skills exercises to gain better control over eye contact, voice, tonals, language.
  • Understanding, and adjusting to, communication styles or business “chemistry.”
  • Creating strong first impressions and establishing rapport.
  • Thinking differently about the value of networking and improving your networking skills.

The program blends explanation, exercises, and role-playing to gain maximum impact. It’s appropriate for almost anyone in the agency, though younger colleagues seem to need this the most.

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