Your Best Network

Your Best Network

Build an active, effective business network

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The research is compelling – business success is tied directly to successful networking.  That applies to those who want to grow within their organizations.  And it applies to anyone with a role in business development.

Growing revenue means building relationships with the right people.  And finding those people requires strong networking skills.

And not just digital networking skills.  You’ll meet people at conferences, trade events, on plane travel, even socially.  These can be outstanding opportunities if you know how to attract these people into your network.

Your Best Network

Your Best Network will help you target the right people for a robust network, and show you how to approach and connect with them.  It’s not a course in “how to use LinkedIn.” Instead, it provides practical strategies and tactics for finding and engaging the right people, with an emphasis on making and sustaining the connection.

Your Best Network is usually run as a six-hour program for up to 20 people, appropriate for anyone who wants to build an active, effective business network internally and externally. The program will cover virtual and face-to-face networking through the following:

  • Setting networking objectives
  • Finding the “master connectors”
  • Positioning oneself to create interest and the perception of value
  • Best practices when meeting people for the first time
  • Influencing skills to encourage people to want to know you and help you.
  • Questioning and listening skills, the two most important attributes of the effective networker.
  • Maintaining an effective network over time

Participants will map out networking strategies for themselves. They will develop a personal positioning statement, and practice initial network meetings. As a result, they’ll approach networking with more confidence.  And face-to-face meetings will more likely turn into real connections.

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