Managing Perceptions

Managing Perceptions

Know the Value You Bring to Your Agency and to Your Clients

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A one-day program for up to 20 people, typically younger employees. The program will cover the following:

  • The importance of managing perceptions – how to be authentic while making necessary adjustments.
  • The “eight observable behaviors” which quickly add up to perceptions of “warmth” (per Amy Cuddy), trustworthiness, and likability.
  • Communication skills exercises to gain better control over eye contact, voice, tonals, language.
  • Understanding, and adjusting to, communication styles or business “chemistry.”
  • Creating strong first impressions and establishing rapport.
  • Thinking differently about the value of networking and improving your networking skills.

The program blends explanation, exercises, and role-playing to gain maximum impact. It’s appropriate for almost anyone in the agency, though younger colleagues seem to need this the most.

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